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Telecommunications Access Program for Phone (TAP-Phone)

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Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

In staying true to our purpose of helping people with disabilities maintain and increase personal independence, O.I.L. offers the CDS program. This program allows the individual to have assistance in the home through a personal care attendant. Many individuals have been able to avoid unnecessary stays in residential facilities due to the CDS program; some have even left these facilities for the comfort of their own home. If you find that you need assistance with basic living tasks contact O.I.L. We will assist you in understanding the CDS program.

Individuals who are enrolled on this Medicaid-funded program have certain responsibilities. Ozark Independent Living has responsibilities too as our office is the fiscal administrator. This office, and any association that O.I.L. belongs to, is opposed to Medicaid fraud. Services are monitored to ensure compliance in handling federal and state dollars; education of consumers and attendants, repercussions and penalties from committing fraud, signature comparison and much more is reviewed many times over. Quality Assurance, safeguards and strict policy are all hallmarks of Ozark Independent Living.

What services are covered under the CDS Program?

Small Arrow Meal preparation and clean-up;

Small Arrow Brushing of teeth when the recipient is unable to do so;

Small Arrow Personal care: dressing, hair care, shaving;

Small Arrow Bathing - giving bed baths and assisting with tub baths;

Small Arrow Transfer of individual to and from a bed to a chair, wheelchair or walker;

Small Arrow Making beds and changing sheets with individual in or out of bed;

Small Arrow Household tasks, i.e. laundry and cleaning;

Small Arrow Transportation for shopping and doctor visit

Facts About Eligibility:

To be eligible for the CDS program, an individual must be:

Small Arrow Currently eligible for Medicaid benefits;

Small Arrow At least 18 years of age;

Small Aorrow Have a physical disability;

Small Arrow Assessed by the Division of Health and Senior Services to determine individual needs;

Small Arrow Willing and able to hire, direct and supervise your caregiver.

Benefits of using OIL as your provider

Small Arrow You are the "boss" of your caregiver

Small Arrow Caring and helpful staff

Small Arrow Prompt Service

Small Arrow We can relate to your needs

Small Arrow Monthly case management services

Small Arrow Flexibility to control your schedule of care

How to Apply For CDS:

If you are currently receiving Medicaid:
Contact Ozark Independent Living
Contact the Department of Health and Senior Services for self referral at 866-835-3505 [toll free]


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Telecommunication Access Program (TAP)

TAP Phone

TAP Telephones

Provides access to basic voice telephone calling (sending and receiving) for individuals with all types of disabilities through the delivery of adaptive telephone equipment.

TAP Phone provides such equipment as text telephones, voice carry over phones, phones for hearing carryover, amplified phones, Braille phones, hands-free phones, and photo phones.


Small Arrow Be a Missouri Resident.

Small Arrow Have telephone service in your home.

Small Arrow Have a certified disability that prevents you from accessing or effectively using basic telephone services with standard   
   telephone equipment.

Small Arrow Have annual adjusted income not exceeding $60,000 for an individual.

How to Apply:

Contact Ozark Independent Living to schedule an appointment to have the phones demonstrated. You must be certified and go through the equipment selection process to choose the best phone for your situation.

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TAP Internet

Provides adaptive computer equipment necessary for access to the Internet and e-mail.

TAP Internet provides adaptive equipment that modifies how an individual uses a computer. If you have a partial loss of vision, TAP Internet can provide screen enlargement software. If you have a total loss of vision TAP Internet can provide a screen reader. If you are unable to use a standard keyboard or mouse, TAP Internet can provide adapted keyboards or alternative pointing devices. TAP Internet will NOT provide computers or adaptive equipment not needed for basic Internet access.


Small Arrow Be unable to use traditional computer equipment.

Small Arrow Be a Missouri resident.

Small Arrow Meet financial income standards.

Small Arrow Have a computer.

Small Arrow Have Internet service.

How to Apply:

Contact Ozark Independent Living to see if you qualify for adaptive computer equipment.

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Other Programs Offered:

Small Arrow Independent Living Services provides assistive devices, i.e. hand held showers, shower chairs, grab bars and much more.

Assistive Devices

Small Arrow Call for information regarding the following:

Small Arrow Wheel chair rental program

Small Arrow Transportation

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