The OIL office is open (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) but the door is LOCKED.

As Covid-19 continues to have an impact on policies and procedures across the country and here in the Ozarks as well, we are trying to minimize the risk of infection. Our wish is to help protect our valued visitors and staff alike.

If you must visit the office, please use our intercom system near our front door (ring the bell, wait for a reply, then push button to talk) or call 256-8714, and someone will come to the door to assist you.

Masks are required for those who visit the building. This includes consumers, attendants and others who have business to conduct.

As possible, please plan to maintain minimum six-foot social distancing guidelines in addition to wearing a mask. If you are feeling sick at all, especially if you have a fever or you are coughing, please do NOT visit the office until you are feeling well.

Demonstrations of our Telecommunication Access Program (TAP) adaptive phones are “on hold” for the time being. There may be ways to work around this, so please contact us if you’re needing an adaptive phone. If you currently have a TAP phone and have had it for at least four years, you are eligible for another one. If you’re not sure how long you’ve had your phone and you’re interested in getting another one, call Terry, 256-8714, to find out.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during these unusual circumstances. The health and safety of our consumers, staff members and the communities we serve is our number one priority now, as always.

Thank you for your help with this matter! – John Adamson, Ozark Independent Living

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O.I.L. description:

Ozark Independent Living (O.I.L.) is a non-profit, non-residential facility, which serves people with disabilities. Some staff and board members are also people who happen to have disabilities. O.I.L. is funded by a grant from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of Missouri and a Medicaid-reimbursed program (Consumer Directed Services which provides aides in the home).  The office is located in West Plains at 109 Aid Avenue. Although located in West Plains, this office serves the counties of Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Texas, and Wright.

O.I.L. provides the following core services:

  • Information and Referralphone numbers, websites and general disability information
  • Peer Support assistance to questions from someone who has a similar disability
  • Skills Trainingfrom budgeting and bathing to how to set up a household and more
  • Advocacyassistance in helping you speak up for yourself on issues related to disabilities
  • Transitioningfrom nursing homes back to home or from high school to live independently

The Independent Living philosophy believes in consumer power, self-reliance, political, and economic rights.

O.I.L.’s Statement of Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Ozark Independent Living will be a leader in furthering the cause of independent living throughout the community. We exist to change society’s perception of disability, and will confront and eliminate discrimination.

Mission: To empower people with disabilities to live as full and productive members of society.

Values: We believe individuals with disabilities should be able to live with self determination and participate fully in communities that are accessible to all-inclusion.

We believe in identifying and creating opportunities for people with disabilities to find secure and challenging employment.

We believe policy makers and the general public alike must be made aware that people with disabilities should not be patronized, pitied, excluded, or over-protected.

We believe that each of us is an architect of this organization; our personal commitment and actions determine OIL’s future.

We believe that just as we foster self-reliance, OIL and its employees are self-reliant.

We believe in maintaining an environment of mutual respect where open, honest communication is encouraged, welcomed, expected and practiced throughout the organization.

We believe our greatest strength lies in committed, energetic staff that works together to play an active role in shaping Ozark Independent Living’s future.

We believe that because people with disabilities represent a diverse segment of the population, Ozark Independent Living must aggressively pursue full diversity in our staff, board of directors, and service-delivery system.

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Contact Us • Accessibility 
109 Aid Avenue, West Plains, Missouri 65775 • 417-257-0038888-440-7500

SINCE 1996

If you would like to make a contribution to Ozark Independent Living you may send cash, check, or money order to
109 Aid Ave., West Plains, MO  65775.
We gladly accept all donations.

MSU-WP Scholarship Established in Honor of Cindy Moore

In honor of Cindy Moore who retired as Ozark Independent Living Executive Director at the end of 2020, a scholarship has been established at Missouri State University-West Plains. OIL Board President Marty Simpson said the scholarship is in recognition of Cindy’s 25 years of service to the organization. Cindy was the founding executive director in 1996 and was  the only person to serve in the role until her retirement.

Officially called the “Cindy Moore Restricted Scholarship Fund,” the $5,000 annual scholarship is to be awarded each fall to an MSU-West Plains enrollee who is a resident of one of the seven counties served by OIL. Further eligibility is not limited to but will focus on individuals with physical and neurological disabilities.

Anyone wishing to congratulate Cindy is invited to send a card to: Cindy Moore, Ozark Independent Living, 109 Aid Avenue, West Plains, MO 65775. We’ll be sure to get the cards to her. John Adamson has been named the new executive director.

From left: Representing Ozark Independent Living at the recent announcement of the establishment of the Missouri State University-West Plains “Cindy Moore Restricted Scholarship Fund” are Board President Marty Simpson; Cindy and Board Member Dawn Hicks. Representing the university is Dr. Dennis Lancaster, MSU-West Plains Chancellor.

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