Job Opportunity

DEPARTMENT: Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

JOB TITLE: CDS/Independent Living Services (ILS) Coordinator

REPORTS TO: CDS Program Manager



Primarily serves as the Coordinator for the CDS program, with various ILS duties. Coordinate and monitor the consumer planning process and follow up for each consumer, serving as an advocate and liaison for and on behalf of consumers’ rights and benefits.


·         Provides support services to personal attendants through effective communication, training, and development for all aspects of the CDS program and other programs, which includes Non-Medicaid Eligible (NME), Independent Living Waiver (ILW) and Missouri State Plan (MSP).

·         Provides monitoring overview of Telephony and timesheets, allowable and non-allowable tasks of attendants, care plans, assistance to consumers to familiarize attendants to consumer’s needs, termination practices and consumers’ responsibilities as an employer. Communicates with consumer on all aspects of the CDS program, being aware of consumer needs and changes in the consumer’s care plan.

·         Promotes a safe environment for consumers, families and personnel.

·         Keeps current and accurate records, documentation and logs of consumer information in consumer files and designated software programs.

·         Coordinators will assist in utilizing appropriate techniques for effective assessment, planning and evaluation of consumers and their needs.

·         Ensures Company and department policies, procedures and guideline, as well as local, state and federal regulations, are met and followed by employees.

·         Adjusts priorities and schedules to meet specific consumer needs.

·        May have additional duties as needed concerning ILS processes, including: coordinates all Independent Living Skills training and conducts new consumer orientation as needed. There will be additional responsibilities of Independent Living Services for the CDS Coordinator. Some duties will include, but are not limited to:

◊ The Coordinator will monitor the assessment of services, care and follow up for each consumer on their assigned case load.

◊ They will serve as an advocate and liaison for, and on behalf of, consumers’ rights.

◊ Provide monitoring of all activities involving assigned consumers

◊ Initiate requests for durable medical equipment and arrange for delivery

◊ Maintain resource information to support advocacy, independent living skills, transition, peer support and information/referral.

◊ Keep current and accurate records of all interaction with consumers

◊ Assist with development of establishing, documentation and achieving personal goals according to the wishes of the consumer

◊ Coordinators will engage in annual training to promote the awareness and understanding of IL’s five core services

◊ Will support and promote the Independent Living Philosophy



·         Protects and promotes consumer rights; including confidentiality, privacy, dignity and freedom from abuse.

·         Interacts courteously and appropriately with consumers, family members, visitors and other Employees under a variety of conditions and circumstances.

·         Perform various ILS tasks assigned by the CDS Program Manager.

·         Provides peer counseling and other services as appropriate, including referrals to other agencies.

·         Follows all established policies, guidelines and procedures, including local, state and federal regulations, to assure safe practices and quality consumer care.

·         Performs other duties as assigned.


·         Bachelor’s degree in Social Services from an accredited school or substantial work experience.

·         Two (2) years of Independent Living Services experience, working directly with elderly or disabled individuals.

·         Reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license with adequate liability insurance.

·         Must be able to function independently and have flexibility, personal integrity and the ability to work effectively with consumers, staff and support agencies.

·         Must be able to relate to and work with disabled, elderly, emotionally upset and at times hostile people within the program.


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